Pete occasionally gets to ride as well, when he's not crazy busy helping others tour NZ. Recently Pete rode the Suzuki Vstrom 650 through a Storm in NZ. The adventure was exhilaratiing. We get few storms in NZ and finding one to ride through is difficult. <<Click Here to read of Pete's adventure 'Riding Through The Storm'.

From Steve T,  April 2013 on Suzuki RF900

If you’re a motorcyclist and don’t budget for hiring a bike whilst visiting the world’s best kept secret, then you’ve just shot yourself in the foot. This country’s roads were created and laid by motorcyclists, be it North or South Island.

If you’re on a tight budget as I was but still want a decent motorcycle, then WildFreedom should be your first port of call. You won’t be disappointed and you will not find a better deal in the Auckland area. The great thing is it’s so accessible too. WildFreedom is based in the Henderson district, some 10 miles west of Auckland centre. The bus service in and around the city is excellent should you need to reach WildFreedom that way, and the bus service also has an excellent website that provides a journey planner that includes prices, here –  

I hired the Suzuki RF900 from Pete A, the owner of WildFreedom, and like Pete the bike was as straight as a die. Although ageing (not you Pete J), the bike was more than fit for purpose and was very well maintained with plenty of power. It also came equipped with a recently scrubbed in pair of Michelin Pilot Road 2s, the same tyres as on my ZZ-R 1100, which was a nice surprise and gave me a lot of confidence.

The bike delivered in spades (the RF900 is said to be capable of seeing off a VFR800 in the twisties by one magazine, which is going some), and whilst my time and mileage was limited, I enjoyed every single moment. This was enhanced significantly because Pete is both a motorcyclist and a mine of information and knows his own turf very well, both north and south, so don’t be afraid to ask him the best routes and/or tours. 

I would suggest that you equip yourself with a smartphone for navigation. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 just before the start of my holiday and without it I would have been stuffed. Download Google maps before you go so they can be viewed offline and avoid mobile data usage when there. Or, if your phone is SIM free/unlocked, you could always pick up a local prepay SIM card from either 2degrees or Vodaphone NZ. This will of course require you to install their SIM and number for the duration, but the cost savings would be significant vs international roaming on your own SIM. The other alternative is to buy an in-house pizza (NZ pizzas; best in the world, wherever you go), make sure the place has wifi, and then download the arse out of it! 

I had a fabulous time with the RF900, and not hiring a bike would’ve been a crime. 

Steve T, 9 April 2013


From Gordan McD renting a BMW1200GT for 9 days from 21Dec2012

After checking out the various motorcycle hire company options out of Auckland I decided to give Wild Freedom a go. I had previously used a large hire company but decided to give Pete a go this time and am very glad I did! We hired the BMW1200GT for our 9 day tour of the north island starting on 21st December. The bike was very well maintained and ran faultlessly for the 2,900km we toured on it. It has large panniers and I was able to mount my Ventura bag on the back as well, so there was plenty of storage space for my pillion and I. The big Beemer gave excellent weather protection and proved to be an exhilarating and economical way to explore the beautiful NZ countryside - and good for overtaking all the camper vans that crawl along the twisty roads.

Pete stored our mountain bikes and luggage in his garage while we were off riding and then drove us to the airport upon returning the bike! The service Pete offers is second to none and much more economical than others I've checked out. Don’t think twice about using Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals, just give yourself more time than you think you will need to go the places you want to go because there really is so much to see and do in New Zealand and it is easy to get sidetracked. Can't wait for the next trip.

Gordon McD - Brisbane

From Mark W after renting the BMW1200GT for 3 days through NZ's North Island,3 Jan 2013.

My wife and I were looking for a cruiser bike and we had talked to Pete about hiring the Suzuki Intruder. After looking at the area that we were going to be traveling to (Coromandel  Peninsula) we talked to
Pete about hiring the BMW 1200. Pete was very helpful when it came to choosing the right bike. We decided to go with the BMW 1200 and it was the right decision ( THANKS PETE!). The roads on the Coromandel Peninsula are up and down and all over the place. FUN! The BMW had no trouble with the
terrain and had plenty of power. Pete was able to get us another bag to put on the back of the bike and the removable lockable storage on the BMW was priceless. Pete was also very knowledgeable about where to travel in New Zealand and was great when we were mapping out our travel plans. If you are thinking about hiring a motorcycle in New Zealand, you must look up Pete at Wild Freedom!!!
Pete. Next time we are back in New Zealand, we will look you up.

Mark W,Coralville, Iowa 

12 Nov 2012 after 4 days on the Kawasaki Ninja travelling from Auckland to Coromandel and back...

As part of my study-abroad experience in New Zealand I decided to do a motorcycle tour to explore the country firsthand. However, I had never previously ridden a motorcycle and didn't have enough money to purchase one. Luckily, I was able to get my learner's license and with Pete's help I was on the only rental ninja 250cc bike in the auckland area in no time. My trip was amazing and Pete gave me all the extra gear I needed for a reasonable price. I highly recommend a motorcycle trip to compliment any significant visit to New Zealand. - Taylor (B), Portland Oregon

8 April 2012. After renting the Kawasaki Ninja 250 for 4 days, Mark B from Michigan wrote this:

The Ninja 250 was great from start to finish. Pick up was quick and easy. The bike stared right away everytime and was a blast to ride through the winding roads. It did surprisingly well on longer rides and got excellent gas mileage on my trip around the Coromandel peninsula. Overall a great experience. Mark.



“Amongst the list of Countries on my bucket list is New Zealand. The issue of transport has now been resolved.

Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rental is run by a biker – Pete Aalbers. Not just an ordinary biker, but a well traveled one AND a more straight up guy you will not find in the southern hemisphere.”

Steve Bell, Wetherby,  England

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From Steve D, of the UK but currently working in Dubai, UAE, Nov 2012

It had been 15+ years since I had been on two wheels and I rented a BMW1200GT from Wild Freedom to tour your beautiful country, New Zealand, for a couple of days. After the inevitable initial wobbles I quickly gained confidence again and then just lost myself in the endless winding (beautifully maintained) roads which other road users had very considerately allowed me to have to myself. I lost count of the times I had to stop at the brow of a hill to take in the breath taking views or the amount of times I found myself grinning inanely at the freedom of being on a bike on roads and in scenery such as New Zealand had to offer. The roads of New Zealand and your friendly service are highly recommended and I will be back. All the best. Steve D– Dubai, November 2012