Terms and Conditions



The terms “renter” “I’ “me” and “my” refer to the person who signs this Agreement as renter and any additional renter listed above, all of whom are jointly and severally liable for the charges and obligations set forth in this Agreement.  The terms “you” and “your” refer to Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals Limited.  The term “motorcycle” means the motorcycle specified above, or its replacement, including all tyres, tools, motorcycle documents, accessories, equipment and plates.


1 Rental

I, the renter, agree to rent from you, the rental company, the motorcycle listed above and on the terms contained herein.

2 Return of Motorcycle

I will return the motorcycle on or before the date and time indicated in the contract details above in the same condition as when received notwithstanding ordinary wear and tear from proper use. I will return the motorcycle sooner upon your demand. Any motorcycle not returned within 4 hours specified above will be reported to the police as stolen. I waive all claims against you for any consequences ensuing from you making such report. Failure to return the motorcycle may be a crime punishable by imprisonment.

3 Rental Charges.

I will pay for the length of time I rent the motorcycle at the rental rate indicated above. The minimum charge is 1 hour. All charges are subject to a final audit. If upon a final audit an error is found in earlier calculation, I will pay any undercharges and I will receive a refund for any overcharges in excess of $1. I am primarily liable for all charges arising from the terms and conditions of this agreement. If I have directed a billing for such charges to be transmitted to another person, firm, or organization such as a credit card issuer, who or which upon receipt of your bill fails to make payment, I will promptly pay for all such charges.

4 Taxes.

I will pay all goods and services tax and all use rental and excise taxes including tax related surcharges related to my rental of the motorcycle.

5 Warranties.

Subject to the provisions of the Transport Services Licensing Act 1989, in particular and otherwise so far as NZ law permits, I understand that except for the above description of the Motorcycle, you have not made, do not make, and disclaim any representation or warranty whatsoever express or implied, with respect to the motorcycle, including but not limited to its design, capacity, and condition. I agree that you will not be liable to me for any loss, consequential or other damages, or expenses of any kind caused directly or indirectly by or arising in connection with the motorcycle, its use, operation, or failure to operate, maintenance, or failure to be maintained, or by any interruption of service or loss of use of the motorcycle.

6 My representations.

I represent to you that i) I am at least 21 years of age ii) I am in sound medical condition, iii) I understand that unique risks are involved in motorcycle riding, iv) I possess the skill, knowledge, confidence, and experience on motorcycles the size of the motorcycle subject to this agreement, v) I will operate the motorcycle in a safe manner, vi) I will not operate the motorcycle without wearing an appropriate approved helmet, vii) I possess a valid driver’s license in the country of my permanent residence that qualifies me to operate a motorcycle with a similar rating as the motorcycle subject to this agreement, viii) I am not presently under the influence of any substance of any description which could impair my understanding of this agreement and my ability to operate the motorcycle.

7 Personal Information.

I authorise the rental company to, at its sole discretion, use the personal information I have provided to undertake criminal, traffic, credit and financial history checks on me and/or the additional renter."

8 Waiver of Liability.

I, the renter, release, waive, discharge, covenant not to sue and agree to hold you, the rental company, Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals Limited, its directors, officers, employees and authorized agents, harmless from and against any and all claims damages, losses, liabilities, legal proceeding whether civil or criminal, penalties, fines or other sanctions it may have accrued or may accrue in the future against any released party directly or indirectly arising out of or relating in any respect to the rental or operation of the motorcycle by me or any other person. This waiver and release will include, but not be limited to any injury, damage or loss to my person or property which may be a) caused by an act or failure to act by any released party or b) sustained by me before, during, or after the rental. This waiver and release does not release you from any liability that is caused by your intentional misconduct or from any other liability that cannot be effectively released by me under applicable law. This waiver and release is in addition to and is not intended to limit in any manner the motorcycle rental release executed by me along with this agreement. In the event that the terms of this waiver and release and the motorcycle rental release conflict in any manner, the terms of the motorcycle rental release will govern.

9 Ownership and Use.

You, the rental company, are the Owner or authorized agents for the owner of the motorcycle and neither I nor anyone else will acquire any interest in the motorcycle by reason of this Agreement, accept my right to possess and use the motorcycle as renter for the time period indicated above and in accordance with this Agreement.  I will not operate the motorcycle outside New Zealand.  I will comply with all laws, ordinances and Government rules and regulations relating to the use and operation of the motorcycle.  I will check fluid levels of the motorcycle and the tyre pressure at each refueling and report any mechanical failures to you immediately.  I will not service the motorcycle, repair the motorcycle, or replace any part or accessory of the motorcycle during the rental period without your prior approval, or such actions are at my risk and expense.  I will keep the motorcycle locked while unattended.  In case of an accident involving the motorcycle I will notify the police and you immediately.  If I am involved in an accident, I understand that the motorcycle will not be replaced, and this Agreement will automatically be terminated without refund, unless a traffic citation has been issued to the driver of the other involved vehicle or to a person other than me or the additional renter specified above, naming such individual as the cause of the accident. You will supply the motorcycle to me in a safe and roadworthy condition. You will be responsible for all ordinary and extraordinary costs of running the motorcycle during the term of the rental under this Agreement except to the extent that by the terms of this Agreement, those costs are payable by me. Running costs payable by me include fuel, puncture repairs, and tyre damage. 

10 Damage – Loss of Motorcycle

If the motorcycle is stolen or damaged through my willful or reckless conduct, I will pay to you:


(1)             Its fair market retail value before theft or damage less salvage unless your repair costs plus the reduction of the motorcycle’s value after repairs is less and you are not required by law to salvage the motorcycle, in which case, I will pay the latter amount;


(2)             Loss of use based on reasonable downtime or as specified by law, plus a reasonable administrative fee determined by you or specified by law (except for theft where the motorcycle is not recovered); and


(3)             All towing and storage charges, all of which are referred to herein as the “loss”. If I believe my responsibility for the loss is covered by my own insurance or my charge card issuer, I will provide you my insurer’s details and policy number or card issuer and its insurer.  I authorise you to collect the loss directly from the insurer.  I also authorise you to collect the loss directly from a third party responsible for the loss. You will refund any sum you collect in excess of the loss. 


11 Fuel Service Charge

I will pay a fuel service charge if I return the motorcycle with less fuel than when rented. 


12 Other Charges

I agree to pay you all of the following charges that may come due:


(1)          All fines, penalties, forfeitures, Court costs and other expenses (including, without limitation, recovery of expenses for parking, traffic and other violations, including the storage, liens and charges) that may be assessed against you but which are due by reason of my care, custody, control, possession, operation or use of the motorcycle;


(2)          Your costs including reasonable lawyer’s fees and Court costs through trial and appeals and paralegal fees incurred in collection of any and all charges due from me to you pursuant to this Agreement;


(3)          Unless the vehicle is stolen or destroyed, if I do not return the motorcycle on the date and time specified above, I will pay an overtime charge of ($50.00) per hour or part thereof;


(4)          If I return the motorcycle to another location, I will pay the Return Pickup Charge specified on the front of this Agreement under “Rental Charges;


(5)          If I fail to return the motorcycle to the return location indicated above without prior approval from the rental company, I will pay a charge of $3.00 per kilometre from the location where the motorcycle was left to such return location, or $500.00, whichever is greater;


(6)          I will pay a reasonable fee if it is necessary to clean the motorcycle upon my return for excessive stains, dirt or soilage attributable to my use;


(7)          If I am in default under this Agreement, you may retain the security deposit and other funds paid by me to you, and I will be liable for any and all additional loss to you.


13 Prohibited Use of the Motorcycle

I will not use or permit the motorcycle to be used:

(1)       By any person other than me or the additional renter specified above;

(2)       To carry passengers or property for hire;

(3)       To tow or push anything;

(4)       To be operated in a test, race or contest or on beaches;

(5)       To instruct an unlicensed person in the operation of the motorcycle;

(6)       By any person who is prohibited by law from operating a motor vehicle;

(7)       While under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, or a prescription or non prescription drug which could impair the operator’s ability to operate the motorcycle;

(8)       For an illegal purpose, including transportation of a controlled substance or contraband.  A violation of this paragraph automatically terminates my rental and makes me liable to you for all fines, forfeitures, liens and recovery and storage costs, including all related legal expenses. 


14 Liability Insurance

Anyone operating the motorcycle as permitted by this Agreement will be protected against liability for damaging the property of someone other than the operator and/or the renter up to the minimum financial responsibility limits required by law. The insurance limit sustained by any one person includes any claim for loss of that person’s consortium or services.  Where the law extends coverage to a non permitted operator, the same limits will apply. The foregoing coverage provided by you will be excess over any applicable insurance to me or any other operator, from any other source, whether primary, excess, secondary or contingent in any way.  Otherwise such coverage is provided according to the terms, subject to all of the conditions, exclusions and insurance exclusions, of a standard motorcycle liability insurance policy, including all requirements as to notice and cooperation on my part which are made as part of this Agreement. You can provide coverage under a certificate of self insurance or an insurance policy, or both, as you choose. In any case, a copy of the policy and/or certificate will be available for my inspection at your main office.  I understand that unless required by applicable law, you, the rental company, will not provide:


(1)           Coverage for fines, penalties, punitive damages;


(2)           Coverage for bodily injury to, or death of, myself or any member of my family or riding associates or the operator’s family;


(3)           Defence against any claim after such coverages to the extent permitted by law.  Where any of these coverages are required or implied by law, the limits will be the minimum required under applicable statute.  If I am charged with a criminal offence including, but not limited to, driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance while renting the motorcycle, or if the motorcycle is used to transport contraband or for illegal trade, or if the motorcycle is damaged while it is being operated, or by anyone under 21 years of age or not properly licensed, or if I fail to furnish you with a police report from the scene of any accident involving the motorcycle or its theft, or if I fail to maintain all fluid levels and fail to use the specified fuel, or otherwise fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, I will not be covered by your liability insurance and I will be liable to you and to all third parties for any and all claims and damages. I understand that pillion passengers are not covered for personal injury under your liability insurance and therefore ride at their own risk. I acknowledge responsibility for any passengers I carry on the motorcycle. 



15 Indemnification

I agree to indemnify you, Wild Freedom Motorcycles Limited, and your affiliated companies for any loss, liability and expense that any of you incur arising out of:


(1)          My use of the motorcycle and in relation to property damage (but only to the extent such loss, liability and expense exceeds the greater of your statutory liability as an owner, if any, or the limits of any liability insurance that you furnish to me) or;


(2)          Any breach of any representation, warranty, covenant, agreement or obligation made by me in this Agreement or the motorcycle rental release.


16 Repossessing the Motorcycle

You can repossess the motorcycle any time it is found illegally parked, unlocked, being used to violate the law or the terms of this Agreement, or appears to be abandoned.  You can also repossess any time you discover that I made a misrepresentation in this Agreement or in any other document to obtain the motorcycle.  I waive, to the extent permitted by applicable law, any and all rights to prior notice and/or hearing prior to the repossession of the motorcycle by you, your employees, agents or contractors.


17 Collections

All charges, fees and expenses including payment for loss of or damage to the motorcycle, are due at your demand.  If I do not pay all charges when due, I agree to pay a late charge of 2% per month on the past due balance.  If I do not pay any amount when due, I will pay any collection costs, including a service charge for any cheque which is not honoured by a financial institution and your reasonable attorney’s fees.


18 Credit Card

I have been informed and agree that my credit card, up to an amount of the estimated total charges due under this Agreement, based on my representation about this rental, may be debited by the rental company in payment of my bill.  I consent to the debiting of that amount. My signature hereon authorises you to charge the credit card specified above for any and all charges arising from the terms and conditions of this Agreement. 


19 Property in the Motorcycle

You are not responsible for the loss of or damage to any property left, stored, or transported by me, or any other person, in or upon the motorcycle, or on your premises, or received or handled by you, either before, or after the return of the motorcycle, regardless of who is at fault.  I will be responsible to you for claims by others for loss or damage.


20 No Assignment

I will not sell, transfer, assign, sublease, or transfer any of my interest in this Agreement or the motorcycle, and any such attempted assignment, sublease or transfer is void and of no effect. 


21 Miscellaneous

The clause headings are inserted in this Agreement for convenience of reference and will not affect the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement. Any provision of this Agreement which is unenforceable in whole or in part in any jurisdiction will, as to such jurisdiction, be ineffective only to the extent of such unenforceability without invalidating any remaining provision of this Agreement. The validity and interpretation of this Agreement and the rights and obligations of the parties will be governed in all respects by the laws of New Zealand, without giving effect to its conflicts of laws provisions. Any change in this Agreement or your rights must be in writing and signed by your authorised representative. This Agreement and the motorcycle rental release constitute the entire Agreement between me and you. 


22 Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals Limited staff not a Party

I understand and acknowledge that you are representative of, but independent from Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals Limited and its affiliates. None of Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals Limited company directors, employees or its affiliates are party to this Agreement in any capacity and this Agreement does not give me any rights of any kind against any of them. 


23 Personal Information

I understand that the personal information I have disclosed in this Agreement will be collected and stored by you for purpose of supplying the company and its affiliates with a record of my rental.  By signing this Agreement, I authorise you to process my personal information and to disclose it where you deem it to be necessary.  I also authorise Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals Limited and its affiliates to use my personal information for various purposes, including direct marketing activities.  I understand that I have the right to stop the processing or disclosure of my personal information and obtain a copy of the personal information that I have supplied in this Agreement by sending you a written request to that effect.  I further understand that you will correct any error or inaccuracy that I discover in my personal information if I ask you in writing to do so. 


Condition 24

The terms of this Agreement are entirely subject to New Zealand law, in general, and in particular to the relevant provisions of any existing traffic regulations. 



Note to the Renter:

The rental company must give you at least one copy of this Agreement.  A copy must be kept in the vehicle throughout the term of the hire and produced on demand by any police officer.