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The cheapest motorcycle rentals in Auckland for touring New Zealand are right here! Motorbike hire from BMW1200 to motorbikes suitable for learners are here. We have motorbike rentals from $85 per day for LAMS approved motorbikes for licence tests in New Zealand, and bigger bikes for the best touring through New Zealand.

Suzuki Vstrom 650- perfect for touring NZ- $100/day

Hire a motorcycle to tour New Zealand at ridiculously cheap rates. We compete with cars and vans - not other motorcycle rental places - they're far too exspensive. If you ever get a chance to tour a country by motorcycle, this is it! 5 weeks in New Zealand and you can cover 90% of the beauty and scenery including the snow capped Southern Alps, the scenic plateaus , the pristine beaches on the east coast or the wild rugged beaches of the west coast, and the twisted rolling roads through the North Island.

We are the cheapest Motorbike rental in Auckland for New Zealand touring. Your ultimate lifetime adventure begins here! From only $85/day  to our daily rate includes Insurance, GST and helmet. Compare our prices!!Click here to enquire hiring a motorbike 

Summer is Coming! (Believe it or not!)


Rain! Bloody Rain!!

The farmers in New Zealand love rain! Its ‘Pennies from heaven’ they say- drenching the soil and raising the grass for their cows to produce milk. And they’re the first to bleat and complain when the dry time turns to drought.


I ride motorbikes. Rain is a bitch – with the odd exception (click here for ‘Riding the Storm’ episode). I prefer to ride in dry conditions. We can dress for the cold, and enjoy the warm rides, but riding in the rain is as enjoyable as going to work.


But there is hope! Oh yes! We who live in the southern hemisphere are about to enjoy the warm dry days of summer. Even while you others in the northern climes begin your decline into the cold wet sleety days and long dark freezing nights huddling in front of the fire, away from your beloved covered and sheltered locked-away motorcycles.


Come over to the ‘Big Warm’! New Zealand is not too hot, certainly not cold, always dry in the long days of summer, and a place to ride through that is sure to become one of life’s epiphanies! You will likely ever get only one chance at a holiday touring by motorcycle. This could be the one! Set aside 5 weeks to see all of New Zealand by motorcycle and have the best time of your lives.


Email Pete at Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals to consider the possibly of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour an entire country by motorcycle in the long warm days of summer, or later during the beautiful Autumn months. Or see the range of motorbikes available. Then click, and enjoy the best motorbike touring days of your life.

!!Click here to enquire hiring a motorbike 






Queenstown is in the distance beckoning riders the world over to a taste of this spectacular landscape with the world's best motorcycling roads. The roads here are amazing! Check them out yourself. 

Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown from helicopter. This scenery depicts the South Island and Middle Earth for touring best by motorbike.

From the air can be seen the Misty Mountains of Middle Earth. Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown lie at the heart of this scenic wonderland.

Latest Developments!

Our further recent acquisition is another great Suzuki Vstrom 650 touring motorcycle added to our fleet. This great motorbike for hire in Auckland is ideal for travelling through New Zealand without blowing the budget on petrol and still easily capable of carrying two with all the gear. The Vstrom 650 motorcycle is a rental motorcycle available in Auckland.

Special for this summer only! $100/day for 3 days or more! >>more2_Vstr_Upto_One_Tree_Hill_1000px.JPG

Have you ever ridden through a storm till you were battered senseless? Read Pete's story >>Click here


I have written briefly an overview of touring New Zealand by motorbike.  >>More
This information may help you plan your adventure, guide you as to times for travelling, and be a helpful guide to which areas are most suitable for you to tour. Plan your itinerary when renting a motorcycle from Auckland.
If you have limited time to tour, say 1week, or 2, or more, there are itinerary options, >>click here
Read Pete's adventure of riding through the strom. << Click Here

Pete touring NZ

I  manage and own Wild Freedom Motorcycle Rentals.  I take a personal interest in your needs, and work like a dog to ensure your tour is memorable for all the right reasons.

My services include having the rental motorcycles prepared for you in Auckland when you are ready. I also have riding essentials available, including helmets, jackets, GPS.

For our longer-term renters, I can store your excess luggage securely in my workshop while you tour New Zealand.

If you wish to ride NZ and finish your tour at another city, I can arrange for you at a cost, to drop-off your motorcycle there where I will retrieve it later.

New Zealand is a scenic wonderland. My web page on various tours and routes can help you design itineraries to suit your timeframe and travelling plans. Click Here for an Overview of Touring NZ >>. I recently had a swiss couple who didn't really want to see the mountains so much as our pristine beaches. Others wanted to see the grandeur of our stunning Southern alpine region, and yet others wish to view Middle Earth and see the locations found in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

I have an increasing number of satisfied rental riders who have enjoyed the thrill of touring NZ by motorbike. One of my customers, from York, England is steve riding the Suzuki Intruder 1400 cruiser with his pillion passenger. View the comments from other in our testimonials page >>

The latest bikes in my stable are the Suzuki Vstrom 650. This is a great mid-range touring motorcycle.

I have one at the moment and it looks to be popular with forward bookings going through the roof! Rentals start from $110/day + 10c/km charge. View prices, information  and booking form.

The  Suzuki Vstrom 650 was recently taken on an 8 day tour of the north Island of NZ by Bettio, a motorbike mechanic from Italy. He had a blast - a fantastic tour. 

Book this motorbike ,see its rental details and rider feedback.

Contact us to book your next adventure

+64 21980012

More than just Riding...

We have accommodation contacts

Gladstone Cottage in Twizel

For the central North Island (and a fishing element) Kakahi Adventure Lodge

We have Cook Strait Ferry Crossings

The Bluebridge Ferry

The InterIslander Ferry

We have Motorcycle tour guides

Two Wheel Touring

Or simply check out our Brief Overview for Touring NZ

Check for changes >>


The Suzuki Vstrom DL650 is by far the most popular of our touring motorcycle fleet for touring New Zealand. It out-performs BMW's and smaller Kawasaki Ninja 250s for long-haul touring with a pillion passenger and loaded with gear. The technique for loading gear on a bike is special and easy- we found the technique.

Consider this bike first for touring New Zealand. It is my most recomended bike of all. >>Click Here to Book This Bike.

This is a quick price guide for most of our bikes. We will update the prices occasionally without notice, but these are currently valid.

Motorcycle Rental Rates
  1-2 days 3-5 days 6-20 days +21 days
BMW 1200       175.00     100.00        100.00        100.00
Suzuki Vstrom DL650        150.00        100.00        100.00        100.00
Kawasaki Ninja 250        110.00        100.00          90.00          85.00
Suzuki GN250 90.00 85.00 80.00 75.00

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